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Mission statement

The Berlin Review of Books aims to publish high-quality reviews of, and insightful essays based on, important recent books published in any language, with a focus on non-fiction. While it will often approach contemporary debates from a European perspective, it is open to intelligent contributions from around the globe. Our goal is to promote honest and knowledgeable debate of issues of real significance; for this reason, we are committed to financial and editorial independence. The Berlin Review of Books does not normally publish fiction or poetry, except by invitation.



Professor Axel Gelfert, Berlin
A Letter from the Editor

Editorial Advisory Board:

Professor Jerzy W. Borejsza, Warsaw
Professor Martin Kusch, Vienna
Professor Simone Mahrenholz, Winnipeg
Professor Axel Vieregg, Palmerston North

Former Members of the Advisory Board:

Professor Bettina von Jagow, Erfurt (2009-2015)

Comments policy

As a general rule, we do not publish comments or ‘user-generated content’. Readers are free to discuss articles on our Facebook page, or comment on them on Twitter or external blogs. In exceptional cases, written responses — for example by authors who feel their book has been reviewed unfairly — may be considered for publication, at the sole discretion of the Editor.


The Berlin Review of Books®, including its logo, is registered as a trademark in Germany. All editorial correspondence should be addressed to the Editor by email. Other correspondence, including enquiries regarding legal matters or copyright issues, should also at first instance be sent by email, and may only subsequently be followed up by postal communication. The postal address (letters only, no review copies of books, no office visits): The Berlin Review of Books, Axel Gelfert, Hampsteadstr. 29, 14169 Berlin, Germany.

Review copies

Publishers are invited to make contact regarding the sending of review copies. In order to avoid unnecessary costs, publishers are requested to check whether the books in question are suitable for review by The Berlin Review of Books. Authors should ask their publishers to make contact, if they think their work is suitable for review. The Berlin Review of Books does not normally publish fiction or poetry, except by invitation, nor do we consider self-published books for review. If in doubt, please email us first: e d i t o r @ b e r l i n b o o k s . o r g  (remove spaces).